Branson lodging FAQ

Answers to your questions about booking a vacation rental.

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**CHANGES REGARDING FEES from online travel websites (OTA)!
Some popular OTAs are TripAdvisor, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, AirBnB, to name a few. The list is huge. Online travel agents (OTAs) have changed the way vacation rentals are booked and added extra costs for you. Most of these sites add fees for you too. Avoid these fees by booking directly from us. If you use one of these sites, fees & terms will vary. Booking direct gives you the lowest total price. We offer VIP discounts, our specials, free cleaning, etc. for direct bookings only. Don't use a vacation ad site (OTA) to even inquire. You must start your booking request directly with us. We recommend our guests either bookmark this website for access to our contact form, or keep our email address in your address book. You can also call Sandy 402-423-5360 CST 8 AM - 8 PM. For your best pricing, book direct with us. 

Do you allow pets or smoking?  All 4 of our condos are no pet and no smoking condos.  Includes no smoking on the screened porches too. This includes smoking of ANY substance, including all tobacco products, medical or illegal marijuana, vaping, e-Cigarettes, and anything you can think of trying. Due to allergies, this is enforced with up to a $500 fee plus the cost for extra cleaning and damages if any and lost possible rents.

Do you offer discounts for AAA, AARP, clergy, first responders or military? Sorry no because our budget is so tight do our low prices. But we offer great deals. Currently: FREE standard cleaning ($75-$85 value). Stay a week & save $22-$25 /night off ($154-$175 a week).  VIP discounts for our repeat guests. A discount for referrals. Periodically we offer discounts to our Facebook Fans & on our personal websites. Plus we provide Guests with a list of the most popular attractions with money saving tips, driving directions and more. **To receive VIP, Facebook Fans discounts, free standard cleaning, and specials on our personal websites, you must start and complete your reservation by booking direct. When booking through a 3rd party OTA site, discounts are not applied. 

How do I get my VIP Guest or FaceBook Fan discount? We always have a VIP Guest discount when you let us know you are a VIP and book direct. We run Facebook Fan specials once in a while. If a discount is available, let me know before you book so I can deduct your discount. To receive VIP and Facebook Fan discounts, you must start and complete your reservation by booking direct. When booking through a 3rd party site, discounts are not applied. **See Changes regarding booking fees at the top of this page. 

Do you offer on line booking & payments? Yes we use an online booking service so it is easy, fast and secure.

Are there any additional fees such as a cleaning fee, booking fee, deposit, sales taxes or tips? Our rate is based on 1- 6 people.  The 3rd party websites auto quotes are forcing us to change our policies. We often offer FREE standard cleaning when booking direct but it is rarely free on 3rd party sites. We charge a $100 security-damage deposit except VIP guests are not charged when booking direct. Your deposit is fully refundable (see below). Tax is added at the rate of 12.1% except the Brookside Retreat is 7.1%.  Tipping housekeeping is optional. A Short Stay fee may be added to 2 night reservations. Almost all OLA-online travel agent websites (Trip Advisor, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, etc) charge additional fees. Those fees go directly to that site. (Note~An hourly fee is charged when cleaning is excessive.)  

When is my payment due?* For direct booking: $100.00 is due at time of booking. The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to arrival.  When booking is less than 30 days before arrival, all is due at booking. *When booking from an OLA (on line travel agent), please see that site's policy. 

Do you refund the deposit?* Yes, almost always. Only a fraction of a percent I've held anything. Your contract states it is issued back within 14 days of departure as long as all conditions are meant; but I normally issue the refund 1-4 days after departure. *When booking from an OLA (on line travel agent), please see that site's policy.  Refund time through these sites is out of our control.

What method of payment do you accept?  We prefer personal checks & eChecks (on line check payments) if is at least 10 days before your arrival.  This helps keep our prices down by avoiding the high credit & debit card fees. We accept Discover, Visa and Master Card. When you complete your on line reservation you will be directed to our secure merchant account for your payment. *When booking from an OLA (on line travel agent), please see that site's policy. 

Do you have a fee for cancellations & shorten stays?* For direct booking: Because vacation homes are harder to rent than hotels and we are a mom and pop operation, we have a fee.  The fee is based on days before arrival. Over 30 days is $39.00. 30 days or less is all of the lodging cost minus rent we collect towards your cancelled nights. A minimum $39.00 fee is still charged even if your full amount is re-collected. We do our best to re-rent your nights. We highly recommend you obtain travel insurance since we are not responsible for family emergencies, travel conditions, flight cancelations, illness, etc. *When booking from an OLA (on line travel agent), please see that site's policy. {Due to the Covid-19 virus this year, we've waived our policy for some dates. Please contact me about our cancellation policy for your dates. Also, if Missouri, Taney County, or Branson is under a travel ban, all bookings are cancelled and refunded with no fees.} 

Do you have a minimum number of nights?  We never take 1 night reservations. On a limited basis, available 2 night dates are offered but change daily. Please inquire as we release nights to fill in gaps, less demanding & expiring dates. Most dates we require 3 nights or longer though some holiday and high demand dates require longer stays.

2 night bookings: We offer 2 night reservations for fill in the gap between reservations, last minute bookings and slower season dates. Please feel free to inquire if your nights are currently available for your length of stay. A Short Stay fee is added for 2 night reservations.  

I’m uncomfortable renting from a stranger.  Do you have an idea how I can feel better about renting from you?  Check our online Guest Reviews to find out what our guests say.  Also please view the last FAQ below which tells you a little bit about us. All of our condos have mainly 5 star and a few 4 star reviews. We did receive one 3 star review in 2019. We have great reviews on several sites. 

What is your check in and check out time?  Check in is 4 PM.  Check out is 10 AM.

How do I check in? This is a self catering condo with no check in office. You go directly to your condo any time after 4PM. We use a keyless system. You will be emailed a code along with directions. The buildings are lit plus pressing the top button on the lock's keypad will light up the bold buttons.  In addition our guests staying at Pointe Royale will receive a Gate Pass email. An access card is in the condo for some amenities and for access through the owner's lane of the resort's entrance gate.

Will I have daily maid service? No daily maid service is provided. Our housekeeper cleans only between guests. You have a washer and dryer in the condo for your use. We leave out a few cleaning supplies including a broom, dustpan, mop, vacuum, glass & disinfectant cleaner, etc. in case you need to touch up during your stay. (Look in your mirror to find your maid if you want your bed made daily. It's probably the same one you have at home.)  

Is there an indoor pool? Not at Meadow Brook. If you want an indoor pool, please book at Pointe Royale.

Do you have any steps?  Our condos are all considered a walk-in condo even though they have 2 - 4 steps to the front porches. None are handicapped accessible. At Meadow Brook--For both condos the sidewalk has a curb and 2 single steps. At Pointe Royale--The Hidden Garden has 4 steps in a row to the front porch. All screen porches are up one story in the rear with no access off the screen porch. 

Do you have a shower stall in each condo so we don't have to step into a tub to shower? All condos have a step in shower stall in the guest bathroom. Each tub and shower has a grab bar outside of the tub or shower next to the entry. We do not have any grab bars or seats in the showers or tubs. None of our showers or toilets are handicapped accessible.  

Do you have a Jacuzzi tub? Yes. Each of our master bathrooms has a jetted tub with a shower in the tub. Each is deeper than a standard tub making a larger step over to use the master's tub/shower. The dual sink vanity is located in the master bedroom.

Do we have a "Check Out" list we are required to complete? Yes it is on the refrigerator. Upon check out: 

1.       All trash is placed in the kitchen waste basket & tied shut. Take excess that won’t fit in & smelly trash to the dumpster. 
2.       Load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher & start. Place excess dirty dishes in kitchen. 
3.       Wash one load of linens & start in the dryer. Leave in dryer. Starting a 2nd load is optional. 
4.       Set the thermostat to the check out temperature posted in the condo.
5.       Put away DVDs, videos, magazines, games, toys, travel brochures, maps, etc.  
6.       Place corresponding remotes next to each TV
7.       Unplug coffee maker (If room, add coffee pot & grounds basket to dishwasher)
8.       Close windows and lock.
9.       Close blinds.
10.     Shut off lights, ceiling fans & fireplace. 
11.     Lock doors
12.     On time check out 
13.     Pointe Royale only- Leave Access card in kitchen

Do you have fast access to the theme parks and all of the theaters, shopping centers and restaurants?  Since we are only 2.7 - 2.9 miles S of Hwy 76, off Hwy 165 you have easy access to almost everything.  We suggest you take advantage of the back roads which are color coded on the maps for fastest commuting.  We provide driving directions using the alternate routes to many of your favorite places.

What is the weather like in Branson?  The weather can change daily. They get moisture year round.   

Why do some of your photos show Wyndham Meadows Timeshare Resort if you are located in Meadow Brook Resort?  Are you offering me a timeshare instead of a private home?  Meadow Brook and Wyndham resorts are so entwined most don’t realize they are different except our buildings are white and much smaller.  Meadow Brook condos are all privately owned and have many year round residents. Wyndham are all Timeshare units. Our agreement allows our Meadow Brook guests to use most of the outdoor common areas at Wyndham Meadows.  Our usage agreement does not include Wyndham’s indoor pool and Activities building. If you need an indoor pool & exercise facility, we recommend you stay at our condo at Pointe Royale Resort. Our condo there offers additional amenities. 

Do you furnish the pool / lake towels? You’ll need to bring your own hot tub/pool towels or lake towels. Our bath towels cannot be taken out of the condo. Please contact me if you are flying and cannot bring your own pool towels. We have emergency back up towels so you don't have to go buy some. 

At MEADOW BROOK: The pools are open seasonally. The closest pool you can view from the screened porch at both condos. It features a covered veranda with ceiling fans next to the pool.  The other full sized pool with hot tub is a short 1 block stroll. The toddler pool & play ground are also in that area. Tables with umbrellas surround all pools.  Both of the full sized pools have restrooms. The hot tub is opened almost year round. 

At POINTE ROYALE: The main pool, wading pool, hot tub and indoor pool is part of the clubhouse complex approximately 1 block away. All are open seasonally except the indoor pool is open year round and the hot tub is open almost year round. Restrooms are available. This area is about a block away. Another outdoor pool is open seasonally about 1 mi away at the poolside park. No restroom there but it has a playground, picnic area and grills. 

Do I have free Internet access in the condo?   We have Wi Fi & wired Internet in each condo. We offer up to 30 MB speed. Bring your own cable if you prefer to plug into our Internet versus using Wi Fi. Each Meadow Brook condo has an Internet jack. Since we are at the mercy of the cable company, we can not guarantee the speed of our Internet service.

Do you have phone service?  We have free local & long distance calling within the 48 continental states.This service may be changed to local calls only or completed ended for 2020.

Do you have cable service and HDTVs?  Yes. We carry approximately 70 digital channels plus the HD channels of the major networks on all TVs. Meadow Brook condos (Brookside Retreat & Brookside Getaway): 3 HD TVs - two 32" and one 50". Pointe Royale condo (Hidden Garden): 4 HD TVs - one 37", two 32" and one 26".  All condos have DVD players and a video library.

Is golfing available?  Yes. The closest course is Pointe Royale Golf course. Meadow Brook guests go 2/10 mi. S on Hwy 165 and turn left into Pointe Royale Golf Village. Pointe Royale guests are about a block away. Golfing is available all over the Branson area.  

How many people do you sleep?  We sleep 4 privately in 2 king sized beds and 2 additional people on the queen sized sofa sleeper. You can bring a pack and play or inflatable mattress but you are still limited to 6 people per condo. We must count everyone. Linens are provided for the beds and sleeper.  Our prices are based on 6 people.  We do not reduce the rate if it is less. If you have more than 6 in your group considering getting a pair of our 2 bedroom condos. Our Meadow Brook condos are side by side with only a few feet between the front doors. Though the entrances off of Hwy 165 between the 2 resorts is only 2/10 of a mile, the distance between our condos at Meadow Brook and our one at Pointe Royale is 1 mile.

Do you offer discount tickets?  We offer a list of available known discount sources to our guests to use instead of offering specific tickets. This way you get exactly what you want versus settling for a package which may not be exactly what you like.  We also provide "Sandy's Travel Guide" with tips and driving directions. You can find other discount ideas on our Facebook page and on

What do I need to pack besides my clothes and toiletries?  The condos are completely furnished.  Bath and kitchen linens; 8 pillows and bedding for both king sized beds and the queen sofa sleeper are included.  All of your dishes, pots and pans, silverware, cooking utensils are furnished.  We also furnish liquid hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, pre spray, dryer sheets, trash bags, toilet paper, etc. Our vacation homes are filled with all the basic needs. You’ll need to bring your own seasonings except for salt, pepper & cooking spray. Bring your food, beverages, pool/hot tub towels, bar soap & shampoo. A list of items we supply and don’t supply is sent to you shortly before your trip to assist packing.  If you are flying and have limited luggage space for pool towels, we have back up pool towels but you'll have to wash, dry & put away if you have to use them. 

Do you furnish highchairs, cribs, booster chairs, etc?  We do not have toddler silverware/dishes, high chairs, baby monitors or cribs. If you have a baby or toddler, bring your pack and play and fold up booster/highchair. We are not child proof but we love kids too. Please note our screened porches are up one story and have low screens. All condos have unfenced water features behind the buildings. All of our dining room floors are laminate except the Brookside Getaway is carpeted. Branson is hilly. Bring a stroller. If you are going to Silver Dollar City they rent strollers.   

Do you have a minimum age to rent your home?   We do not rent to singles under age 25 unless accompanied by an adult guardian or parent over age 24. 

Is on site fishing available at the resort or close by?  Fishing areas outside of both resorts are close by at both Lake Taneycomo (cold water) and Table Rock Lake (warm water). Fishing licenses are required to fish in MO. Required stamps may be necessary for fishing in Lake Taneycomo. Please see Sandy's Insider's Travel Guide for details about local fishing. Upon booking, you will be given access to this insider's guide.
site fishing is available for guests staying at Pointe Royale. A kids only catch and release pond (no license required) is located about .3 of a mi beyond our condos on Pointe Royale DR. At the lakeside park along the banks of Lake Taneycomo, fly fishing is available (license required). This is part of the Trophy area and only artificial lures are allowed.  

Do you have a grill?  Shared charcoal grills are located outside in the commons area next to the building at Meadow Brook. Our Pointe Royale guests will find grills and a picnic table in both of the parks where the playgrounds are located. The poolside park is about 1 mile away. The lakeside park is about 1/4 mi. away.  Bring your own charcoal & matches.  Cooking utensils for the grill are found usually in the bottom kitchen drawer. 

Miscellaneous items. This website, terms & FAQ pertains to our condos only. Meadow Brook is a small resort & does not have a website. After finding I couldn't get them interested in getting one, we asked the board of directors if they minded if we took the Meadow Brook Resort domain so we could advertise the resort. They were fine with it so we did. Unfortunately, a company in Wisconson already was using it. So we added a hyphen and have been advertising Meadow Brook Resort, Branson, MO since. If you are looking for the Branson resort's website, they still don't have one. Even though this website is called MeadowBrook-Resort, we added our Pointe Royale condo to this site as a convenience to our guests. Our repeat guests can see what else we have open if their condo is full. Sorry for any confusion. 

Who are you?  We are Gene & Sandy Kalvelage, married 40+ years, reside in Nebraska and are trying to retire more. We are blessed with 2 married children and 6 spoiled grandchildren ages 2 - 16. Our condos are our family's home away from home. 
          We've owned local rental property since 1977. After becoming tired of often "rebuilding" a house after a tenant moves out, we decided to invest in Branson. We purchased our Brookside Getaway condo in May 2006.  We loved the location, brook, screen porch, floor plan, resort amenities and knew what we could do to it to make it a relaxing home getaway. Our philosophy is if we like it you may also.  We want to share our home with those who are like us.  Want to relax, have fun, but still enjoy the comforts of home. 
          The first year we used a resort to manage it. Starting June 2007, Sandy took over managing it and is enjoying helping people have fun.  Finding that having an opportunity to share in their memories is a fantastic job. 
          Since our family grew with more grandchildren, we started looking for 2 side by side condos. We finally bought our Retreat condo right next door in the same building as the Getaway and started renting it in June 2010. With only a few steps from one door to the other, it was perfect to have both condos when the whole family came. We've found other people who are like us and like to have both condos. They can stay together yet still have privacy.  
        In Pointe Royale Golf Village out of 630+ condos, 24 back up to a park like setting with a pond, brook, gazebo, waterfall and a background of the eastern bank of Lake Taneycomo. These condos have screened porches too.  We wanted another pair of condos and chose this location by adding our Secret Garden and Hidden Garden condos. Ending up with the 4 nightly rentals. We've sold must of our local rentals & trying to retire. Unfortunately we've found our condos are not giving us the retirement time we want plus our attitude changed after loosing 2 family members our age suddenly and Sandy's health not going the direction we had hoped. So we decided to sell our Secret Garden condo (the one on 2 levels) in fall of 2019. It had our favorite views but Sandy's joints don't always agree with the steps so we now have only the 3 one level walk in condos as of late Oct 2019.  We are hoping downsizing will keep our work load more managable too. After all, these are meant to give us something to do during our retirement years, not keep us working!
          Our family has many cherished memories and love going to our condos. We hope you do too. 

Please contact me for additional questions. Please make one of our condos part of your vacation. Thank you, Gene & Sandy Kalvleage.